Wonder Mom at 50!

My Mom is a giver.

Material or immaterial, Mama is always ready to share what she has to anyone in need even without expecting anything in return. Seeing her nieces and nephews happy upon receiving their gifts gives her immeasurable joy. My mom’s heart is filled with love that it overflows by loving unconditionally.

My Mom is the strongest woman I know.

She came from a big family with eight siblings and being the eldest. She stood strong for Tatay and for her siblings after Nanay passed away. She has this innate sense of responsibility of looking after them even some already has their own family.

She managed to raise a daughter on her own; she endured being miles away for almost a decade to provide comfort for the family; when her health was compromised, she managed to bounce back to normal condition even only having one family member by her side. Her wonderful friends stands as her second family while she is away from home.  My mom is not alone; she is and will never be alone.

My Mom is my hero.

Despite the distance, I never felt growing up alone. Despite being miles away, Mama sees to it that she never misses any special occasions at home. In my teenage years, she would ask Tatay to prepare a simple meal for my birthdays. I remember a family friend saying, “Ang tagal na pala ng Mama mo sa L.A, ano? Buti hindi ka nagloko?” Why would I do such stupid things when Mama is enduring the pain of distance just to provide me with all things necessary with a dash of “wants”… Then I remembered another family friend saying “Ang swerte ng Mama mo kasi kahit nasa malayo siya, hindi ka nagrebelde.” I guess it’s the other way around; I am luckier to have Concepcion as my mother. I am blessed to have her as my mom wherein from the day I was conceived, she didn’t look at the situation as problem. Growing-up in this unconventional set-up never really felt that something is unusually missing. She is a mom and a dad rolled into one. She treat my cousins like her own children that is why we all call her “Mama Lanie”.  No distance or unusual situation could lessen my love and respect for my Mom.

               Thank you for everything, Mama! I cannot imagine what my life could be without your unending guidance, love, and support. Happiest birthday, Mama! I wish to celebrate every occasions with you soon! I love you so much! 🙂50!

Charmings @ 3!

It was not so long ago when I let my guards down for a chance of happier days with a familiar guy from college. At first I was hesitant to believe that good looks and good character actually exist in one human male body. All the hesitations slowly fade away after several Saturdates. The first time he held my hand was the moment I felt that this is real, he is for real


Many would always say “ang tagal nyo na pala!”, it has been three years yet it surprisingly doesn’t feel that long… really nothing has changed. I still feel butterflies in my tummy by his mere presence. I still get teary-eyed everytime I realize how lucky I am to be with someone who treats me like a princess even in his simplest ways.


Three years is quite a long time, long enough to know a person well. But for us, every waking day is new opportunity to know each other better and discover new things together one day at a time.


I have loved you since the day you held my hand and I will love you until our hands are filled with wrinkles.

To my travel buddy and partner in crime, here’s to more pictures to take, new things to try, more places to visit, and wonderful loving years of togetherness!


Beside you is my happiest place on earth!

Happy Anniversary, Beb! I love you today, always, and forever! 

What I have been up to…

It has been 5 mos since I went back to my alma mater and started “working” far from my college degree… I’m finally doing what I love, writing. I am the present associate editor of the official publication of MCU and MCU-FDTMF, The Pulse.  🙂

I am a newbie, yes, but I know I am so much willing to learn. My doors (including the windows) are open for the new lessons and ideas my mentors, Sir Ira and Doc Angel, are giving me.

So here, please take time to read. Thank you! 🙂

The Pulse (November 2012)

31 before 365th

“Good morning! Save my number, Atey. :p”  This message was sitting around the inbox of my fone for about a year now; the first exchange of text message after the casual hi-hellos & good morning-good nights on Twitter and short chats on Facebook. I don’t usually give out my number & actually reply to anyone especially to random text message like that. & If I do, he must be a lucky! (Ikaw na, Beb!) It was indeed the start of a beautiful acquaintance which paved way to “real talk” during “Saturdates”, and eventually developed into something we both didn’t expect to happen… Clue: Something blissful.


To be continued after 31 days…